Steps for Restoring Your Home After an Electrical Fire

An electrical fire does a lot of damage, and it can spread through your home quickly. Even if the fire is contained in a single room, your whole house can be damaged by smoke or soot. If your home has had an electrical fire, don't return to your house unless you've been given the okay by the fire department. Also, you'll need to leave your electricity off until an electrician can put in new wiring and make repairs.

Reasons You'll Want A Sanding Table For Your Kitchen Remodeling Project

Whether you consider yourself a handyman or you have a small kitchen project you're taking on, you need the right supplies and tools to make your project a success. You are going to replace and update your kitchen's countertops, and, while you've been considering getting a sanding table, you think you can just sand pieces of wood as you go where they are. There are many reasons to get a sanding table for your kitchen remodeling project.

Flood Prevention Tips When Building A Home Next To A River

If you have recently purchased a piece of nice riverfront property and have been thinking about what type of house you are going to build, it is important to take the river into consideration. While the river might be calm and low now, you should take into account the times when it will be raging and perhaps even crest the banks and flood the land. You don't want your new home to be ruined because you built too close to the riverbank, or didn't take into account other flood precaution improvements.

4 Tips For Protecting Your Family From Lead Exposure

Before the dangers of lead were widely known, it was not uncommon for lead paint to be used inside homes. Lead paint was banned in the United States in 1978, but if your home was built before that year there is a possibility that there is some form of lead paint in your house. Use the following tips to protect your family from lead exposure if your home was built before lead paint was banned:

Mold Problems Spreading And Causing Serious Structural Damage To Your Home

Once mold starts growing in your home, it can lead to big problems that need to be treated. Structural damage is an issue with mold that can be costly to repair. With a minimal amount of moisture, mold can grow inside walls and spread to many areas of your home. Serious damage can start as the mold problem begins to eat away at materials as well as cause health hazards. Here are some of the mold problems that can lead to serious damage in your home:

What You Should Do When You Home Has Suffered Water Damage:Tips For You

When your home has suffered water damage, either from a burst pipe or flooding due to unusually high amounts of rainfall, you may wonder what steps you can and should take to begin to get your home back on track and looking and functioning great. After the initial shock of a waterlogged home has worn off a little, it is time to get to work and take the steps necessary to overcome water damage and to ensure that the integrity of your home (and the health of your family) does not suffer because of it.

3 Tips To Deal With Demolition With Flood Damage Restoration

When your home has been flooded, you may be dealing with a different type of water damage. Not only will you want to get the water out, but you may also have to deal with problems like sediments and other contamination in your home. This often means that there is going to be some demolition that is going to need to be done. Here are some tips to help you deal with the flood damage and demolition in your home:   

Tips For Repairing Common Gutter Problems

As a homeowner, you know the important role that gutters have when it comes to dealing with runoff from the roof. Cleaning the gutters on a regular basis is crucial to maintenance, but sometimes, repairs are needed. Here are some common repairs that you might have to do on your gutters.  Leaky Gutters The gutters are supposed to catch the water from your roof and allow it to drain down the downspout, which pushes it away from the home.

Know The Dangers: 3 Ways To Identify Mold Growth In Your Home

If you live in a region that has experienced heavy rainfall or flooding, you could have a reason to worry about mold growth. Because mold needs moisture to grow, a damp house is the perfect environment for it to develop. Unfortunately, mold can be difficult to find, especially if it's growing inside your walls. Here are three signs that will help you identify mold growth in your home. Strong Odor of Mold

5 Ways To Prevent Water Damage To Your Home During The Winter Months

If you want to prevent water damage to your home this winter, you need to be proactive. Here are five easy steps you can take to prevent water damage to your home this winter.  #1 Insulate Your Pipes The first thing you need to do is make sure that all your pipes are well-insulated. This will help keep your pipes warm even during the coldest days of the month. It is relatively easy to insulate your pipes.

3 Signs You Have Mold in Your House

Mold can grow in any home, as long as the conditions are right, and can cause long-term health problems if not removed from the home. You might think that the only way to tell if you have mold in your house is by seeing overt signs of mold, however that is not the case. There are a few warning signs that mold might be growing in your home that you should be aware of.

Mattress Care For A Good Night's Sleep

A quality mattress should last for many years, and you can ensure that your mattress stays in good condition by following a few simple maintenance tips. When you properly clean and care for your mattress, it can provide you with a great night's sleep and good care will also help protect your investment. Here are some helpful suggestions to ensure that you prolong the life of your mattress. Flipping And Rotation

8 Steps to Take After Experiencing a Leak or Flood

Some leaks or flooding can not only result in physical damage to your furnishings, but also pose a safety concern. While waiting for a professional cleanup and restoration service to arrive to assess the situation, there are steps you can take to lessen the damage and ensure that everyone in your home is safe. Turn off power to the home. Electricity flowing through your home at this time can put everyone at risk of electrocution.

Have A Roof Leak And Water Damage? Call The Experts And Your Insurance Company

If you had a roof leak and it caused a lot of water damage around your home, talk with the water damage restoration professionals and get them to your property quickly to start cleaning. They have the tools and machines to get the water out of the house, and the faster you act the more things you can save. If the damage is extensive, this may be an issue you need to report your home insurance provider.

Procrastinating About Fixing A Slope In Your Yard? What Will Happen If You Wait Too Long

If your yard is sloped, you should take measures to level it out as soon as you can. If you do not, it will cause more damage than you may think. Below are two things that can happen if you procrastinate about this too long.  Soil Erosion As water runs down the slope, it can cause soil erosion, which is washing away the top layer of the soil in your yard.

Tips For Eliminating Mildew Odor And Mold In Your Home

The first sign of a mold problem may be a musty mildew odor in your home. You may not even see the mold until you go looking for the source of the bad odor. Getting rid of the bad smell shouldn't be your only concern. You also want to find all the hidden mold and remove it. Once the mold is gone, the bad odors leave with it. Here are a few tips for finding mold in your home and getting rid of it.

Why You Need To Hire A Structural Engineer For Your Home Addition

If you are getting ready to finally put on the home addition that you have been dreaming of, you might want to consider hiring a structural engineer for the job. To help you understand why, you might want to take a few moments of your time to review the following points. They Ensure Weight-Bearing Safety The last thing you want is for a home addition to be built in a way that is unsafe.

Getting Rid Of House Mold? The Process Can Be More Complicated Than You'd Think

Most people likely don't put too much thought into house mold until a contractor finds some in their home. If your home has recently been diagnosed with mold, you might not yet realize how complicated removing it will be. Here are a few aspects of the mold removal process that can make your life overly stressful if you don't prepare in advance. Removing The Mold Is Just The First Step

My Sub Zero Refrigerator Has Been Running For Much Longer Than Normal. Is It Broken?

Although Sub Zero tall freezer units are designed to run continuously, the majority of Sub Zero refrigerator/freezer units are designed to maintain a constant internal temperature by intermittently turning on and off throughout the day. Over time, you'll get used to hearing the slight hum of the compressor during its operation. Sometimes you may hear the hum of the compressor for longer periods of time than others. This is not necessarily an indication that your Sub Zero is broken.

What Lies Beneath: The Scary Truth About What Causes Slab Leaks

If you have always lived in a home with a basement, you probably have no understanding of what slab construction or slab leaks are. A slab foundation is more common in dry, arid parts of the country where there is little concern for flooding. A slab foundation in a wetter environment can experience a lot of problems, all of which are more costly to fix because your home's plumbing is buried under a cement or concrete slab.

Understanding The Basics Of Cleaning Up Water From A Swim Pool Leak

If you have a swim pool outside your home, whether it's above or in the ground, it is possible that it could leak and flood your home. For instance, a small leak in the pool can suddenly burst and overflow if there is a broken water fill valve. The water could possibly pour into your home's basement or first floor level. If this happens, it is essential to clean up the water efficiently and allow the structure to dry to prevent an unforeseen amount of damage, including possible mold and bacteria related growth:

Refinishing A Wood Bookcase

If you have bought an old wooden bookcase from a thrift store or garage sale, and you want to beef up the look of the piece of furniture yourself, this can be a fun project to do in your spare time. The result you will get in the end will be a beautiful stained piece of wood furniture that you can place in your home to hold your favorite reading treasures.

2 Reasons To Remove Mold From Your Home As Soon As Possible

Having mold in your home is an extremely inconvenient and hazardous situation to be in, mostly because of all of the potential ways that it can harm you and your family. Thankfully, there are mold removal services available that can help mitigate the harmful effects and eliminate your mold problem. You will want to remove the mold from your home as quickly as possible in order to avoid health issues and increased removal expenses.

Quick And Easy Tuckpointing

Also known as pointing or repointing, tuckpointing is an essential part of maintenance for brick work.  Tuckpointing is the process of repairing mortar joints between bricks.  This is important because without a proper seal water will get into the space between the mortar and bricks causing cracking of brick or bricks to pop off the brick face (this is known as spalling). Without repair, this water damage will eventually lead to failure of the entire structure.

Turn Your Washer And Dryer Into Works Of Art

Have your washer and dryer seen better days? Are they still in great working condition but quite unsightly because of nicks and scratches to their exteriors? There's no need to invest in a new washer and dryer just because you do not like the look of yours. Use the following guide to learn how to update the look of your washer and dryer quickly and easily. Prepare Your Washer and Dryer

How to Restore & Repair a Vehicle With Minor Flood Damage

It doesn't take a massive disaster to cause flooding enough to damage your car; everything from a particularly nasty rainstorm to a broken water main just down the street can cause some troublesome damage to your car, inside and out. Even minor damage can go far beyond the upholstery and damage circuits and electronics, as well as seep inside important parts of your engine as well. But restoring a car with minor water damage is definitely possible, especially if you're handy with DIY projects.

How To Recover From Damage Caused By A Leaky Washing Machine

On the list of most annoying appliance problems, a leaky washing machine ranks pretty high, but oftentimes the annoyance factor is the least of your worries. The biggest issues that come with a leaky washing machine are the water damage and subsequent mold that can form in your home and cause health problems. Here are three key steps to take to make sure a leaky washer doesn't cause lasting severe damage to your home.