Foundation Repairs And Improvements That Help To Prevent The Problems That Cause Failures

The foundation of your home is one of the areas that is vulnerable to damage that often comes back. Therefore, in addition to doing the needed repairs, you will also want to consider some improvements that will help protect your foundation from future problems due to failure of repairs and other existing problems. The following improvements can be done in addition to your foundation repairs to prevent problems from coming back.

Upgrading the Drainage Systems That Protect Your Home's Foundation From Damage

The first improvement that you will want to do to prevent future damage to your foundation is upgrading drainage. Start with the landscaping and exterior foundation drainage to ensure water flows away from your home. In addition, consider having drainage installed on the interior of the foundation to help remove moisture and water that does get into your home.

Retrofitting Your Home's Exterior With a Modern Foundation Waterproofing System to Prevent Damage

If you have outdated foundation waterproofing, it may be time to consider updating it. Today, there are options for modern foundation waterproofing systems that use membranes and engineered textured surfaces to reduce the static pressure caused by groundwater drainage, which is often the cause of damage to foundation walls.

Adding a Sump Pump to the Lowest Areas of Your Foundation to Prevent Water Problems

The lowest areas of foundations are often where problems start due to water and moisture getting into your home. Therefore, you want to make sure that there is a sump pump installed, which are often installed for plumbing and drainage in basements. Sump pumps can also be installed in crawl space foundations to deal with moisture problems whenever water gets into this area of your home.

Updating Your Home's Exterior With Improvements That Help Protect the Foundation From Damage

There are also improvements that can be done to the exterior of your home to prevent foundation damage, starting with gutters. On the downspouts of gutters, install a drainage line that allows the water to flow away from the foundation. In addition, coverings and porches that help keep runoff away from the foundation can also help to prevent damage.

These are some of the improvements that you will want to consider doing when you have foundation repairs done to prevent problems from returning. If you have foundation problems that need to be repaired, contact a foundation repair service like J & D Waterproofing and talk to them about these improvements.