Steps for Restoring Your Home After an Electrical Fire

An electrical fire does a lot of damage, and it can spread through your home quickly. Even if the fire is contained in a single room, your whole house can be damaged by smoke or soot. If your home has had an electrical fire, don't return to your house unless you've been given the okay by the fire department. Also, you'll need to leave your electricity off until an electrician can put in new wiring and make repairs. However, the first step may be to call a fire damage restoration company such as Clean Care Inc so your home is safe to work in. Here are some important steps in restoring your home after an electrical fire.

Clear the Air

The air in your home could be toxic after a fire. This is because of all the smoke and smoke odors that linger in your home. There may also be toxic gases and odors from burnt rubber or plastics. The restoration company may need to clear the air in your home to make it safe for working, and this might be done by using fans to force air out of the house and pull in fresh air. However, the air may not be fully clear until the soot is cleaned out of the house and burned materials are removed.

Take Out Destroyed Materials

It may not be possible to save walls, carpet, furniture, and clothing that have been burned. This is an area where you need professional help in deciding if furniture is worth keeping and restoring from the frame up or if it's more cost-effective to throw it out. You may wish to focus your efforts on saving sentimental pieces and valuables, and let everything else touched by the fire go.

Clean the House Thoroughly

The restoration crew may need to clean your entire house to make sure the smoke odor is gone and stays gone. This might even involve cleaning out your ducts and furnace. Smoke can waft through your entire house and cause more damage than you might suspect even with a small, contained fire. Cleaning all the soot and smoke particles off the walls and window sills is important, or the smoke odor may linger for a long time after the fire.

Restoring your home after an electrical fire involves several steps. Damaged materials have to be safely removed, the surfaces that remain need to be scrubbed down, and then walls and flooring need to be replaced if necessary. When the cause of the fire is electrical, the restoration crew coordinates the restoration process with an electrician so new wiring is put in at the right time before new walls are installed. If an old electrical system was to blame for the fire, then replacing the electrical panel and the wiring in your home during this process might be a good decision so you reduce the risk of another fire due to a circuit overload or electrical malfunction.