Mold Problems Spreading And Causing Serious Structural Damage To Your Home

Once mold starts growing in your home, it can lead to big problems that need to be treated. Structural damage is an issue with mold that can be costly to repair. With a minimal amount of moisture, mold can grow inside walls and spread to many areas of your home. Serious damage can start as the mold problem begins to eat away at materials as well as cause health hazards. Here are some of the mold problems that can lead to serious damage in your home:

1. Small Plumbing Leaks That Cause Moisture and Mold Growth

Plumbing leaks are often just a small drip, but this is enough to give mold the moisture it needs to grow. If a leak goes unnoticed for a long time, the mold can quickly start to take over different areas of your home. So, when you notice moisture in areas like the kitchen sink, look for a leak and have the problem fixed. You may also want to have the problem inspected if you notice mildew or a musty smell in the area where the leak was.

2. Leaks in Exterior Finishes That Cause Hidden Mold Problems

Exterior leaks can be some of the hardest problems to notice. They can be anywhere, such as on a roof or from poor flashing on the deck of your home. Leaks that go unnoticed can cause some of the most severe damage. This is because the moisture that is trapped inside walls and the structure of your home creates the perfect environment for mold to begin taking over your home.

3. Water Damage from Flooding That Leaves the Perfect Environment for Mold

Flooding is another problem that can cause mold to grow and takeover your home. This damage can be caused by rain, or it may be caused by plumbing problems. No matter what the cause of the flooding was, it is important that cleaning the mess up is done correctly. To ensure mold does not begin to take over your home, it is important that the flooded area is completely dry before you start the rebuilding process. This will help ensure that no moisture is trapped in your home.

Mold problems can spread through your home and cause serious damage. If you have recently had a water problem in your home, contact a mold removal service, such as Charleston Environmental Services, to help with cleaning your home and ensuring mold does not cause serious damage.