Tips For Repairing Common Gutter Problems

As a homeowner, you know the important role that gutters have when it comes to dealing with runoff from the roof. Cleaning the gutters on a regular basis is crucial to maintenance, but sometimes, repairs are needed. Here are some common repairs that you might have to do on your gutters. 

Leaky Gutters

The gutters are supposed to catch the water from your roof and allow it to drain down the downspout, which pushes it away from the home. However, if your gutters are leaking, the rainwater can run down the side of your home and pool up around the foundation, thus weakening the cement footings.

If your gutter is leaking, you can most likely repair it with the help of a silicone sealant. Clean the gutters first with a hose, and allow them to dry before applying the caulk. If the leak is at the joints, you might have to dissemble the joint, clean both parts, and then apply the sealant to both parts. The sealant should hold them together. 

Loose Gutters

Ideally, there are spikes that go through the gutters and connects them to the fascia board and rafter behind it. As time passes, the spikes can become loose and even fall into the gutter and down through the downspout. 

If there are any missing spikes in your gutters, you need to replace them. Even if you can find the old spikes, use new ones. Older spikes might be deteriorating or in poor condition. 

Rusty Gutters

Today's gutters are usually composed of vinyl or aluminum, which are basically rustproof. If you have older gutters and they are rusted, you have two options available to you. 

You can choose to remove the rust and continue to use the gutters. Use soapy water to scrub away the rust. You also need to sand them down and paint them with primer and a rustproof paint. As an added measure, it might be a smart move to completely clean and repaint all of the gutters instead of only the parts that were impacted by the rust. 

If you want to altogether avoid the rust problem in the future, contact a roofing contractor, like Gutter Magician NKY, to have new gutters installed. Any other problems with the gutters should be assessed by a professional. The pro can decide whether a restoration is possible or if it is time for new gutters. You can also learn ways that you can keep your gutters in good shape going forward.