Procrastinating About Fixing A Slope In Your Yard? What Will Happen If You Wait Too Long

If your yard is sloped, you should take measures to level it out as soon as you can. If you do not, it will cause more damage than you may think. Below are two things that can happen if you procrastinate about this too long. 

Soil Erosion

As water runs down the slope, it can cause soil erosion, which is washing away the top layer of the soil in your yard. This can cause exposed roots of your trees. As the roots continue to grow over the soil and they hit something they cannot penetrate, like pipes, paving, and foundations, they will be deflected. If these things have cracks or holes in them, however, the trees will pass through them. From this point, the roots will continue to grow and get into your pipes or under your foundation.  If the roots get into your pipes, you will have to contact a plumber to repair or replace them for you.  If they get through your foundation, you will have to hire a contractor to repair the foundation for you.

If the roots were deflected and they are only in your yard, you can cover them with mulch to hide them. Mulch allows the sun to get through, as well as moisture, so the roots will not die, and the trees will stay healthy. 

Flooded Basement

If the slope of your yard, which is also known as the grade, slopes towards your home, the water will eventually get into your basement. Water can damage things very quickly, so if this happens, call a water restoration company to come to your home. They have techniques and advanced equipment to remove the water very quickly. They can move things out of your basement quickly to keep them from being damaged by water. They will also monitor the drying process to ensure your basement is thoroughly dried.

The flood in your basement can cause your floor to warp, damage the walls, and ruin things like furniture, and even a furnace. The water restoration company may also work with your insurance company so you do not have to.

You should turn off your electricity as soon as you notice any flooding to prevent electrical shock. There is a circuit breaker box inside your home. Open it up, and you should see a lot of breakers with one large breaker at the top. The group of breakers control the electricity for certain rooms, and the large breaker at the top controls all of the electricity in your home. Switch the large breaker in the oppose direction. Turn lights off and on in every room to ensure electricity is completely off. If you are not sure how to do this, contact an water damage repair electrician to show you how.

You may be able to fix the sloped yard yourself, or hire a landscaping company to level it out for you if it is a large area.