Why You Need To Hire A Structural Engineer For Your Home Addition

If you are getting ready to finally put on the home addition that you have been dreaming of, you might want to consider hiring a structural engineer for the job. To help you understand why, you might want to take a few moments of your time to review the following points.

They Ensure Weight-Bearing Safety

The last thing you want is for a home addition to be built in a way that is unsafe. If there is not enough support for the weight of the addition, the entire addition can fail, creating a major concern for the safety of those who live in the home and anyone around the exterior of the addition. Therefore, just because your home addition plans look good on paper does not mean that they will be able to hold up over the test of time.

Their Expertise Can Help Get Permits Approved 

When you apply for a building permit, you are going to need to submit a copy of your plans. It is important for the town authorities to make sure that you are not only staying within their laws and requirements for building additions, but that the entire process is going to be approached in a safe and efficient manner. The plans drawn up by your structural engineer will help show that this is indeed what will be happening with your build. Their plans will lay everything out for the permit office in order to show the detailed plans of your addition so that there is no confusion regarding what will happen during your project.

Their Expertise May Come With A Homeowners' Insurance Discount

Once your new home addition is built, you will need for your insurance company to account for its presence. After all, it now counts as a part of the entire square footage of livable space that would need to be covered in the event of a tragedy. Some insurance companies are able to offer small discounts to any premium increase should you be able to provide proof that a structural engineer designed the addition. You will need to call your particular insurance company to find out if they offer such discounts and how much it is, as this can and will vary from one company to the next.

Now, with those few reasons in mind, you should have little trouble deciding whether it is time to hire a structural engineer for your next home addition.