Getting Rid Of House Mold? The Process Can Be More Complicated Than You'd Think

Most people likely don't put too much thought into house mold until a contractor finds some in their home. If your home has recently been diagnosed with mold, you might not yet realize how complicated removing it will be. Here are a few aspects of the mold removal process that can make your life overly stressful if you don't prepare in advance.

Removing The Mold Is Just The First Step

While the mold you can see in your walls and under your floors does need to be removed, it unfortunately isn't the only mold in your home. This mold is constantly releasing tiny spores that can each grow into a new mold colony if they land on organic material in a damp place. This means that taking out the mold that has already grown won't stop your home from growing more mold. You'll have to address the underlying water problems in your house and possibly have a second removal performed afterward to be thorough.

You May Need To Work With Multiple Servicemen

If a contractor undertakes the job of removing mold from your home, it's a good bet that the job will actually require several different workers to complete. Since finding and fixing the source of dampness is a top priority, you'll likely have to search for experienced plumbers and HVAC technicians too.

Dedicated mold removal services can simplify your search for repairmen by bringing their own team along, but this does mean you won't be able to choose every individual who works on your home.

Staying In Your Home Isn't Recommended

You're probably going to need a hotel room or another place to stay for the duration of repairs, which can take weeks if more mold is discovered or the mold continues to come back. The workers in your home will be agitating the currently existing mold by removing it, which can greatly increase the amount of airborne spores.

In great numbers, these spores can irritate the airways and make it difficult for you to breathe. Some people are allergic to mold without realizing it, and breathing in the spores can cause them a wide range of symptoms, some of which are life-threatening. Household members who already have vulnerable respiratory systems, like babies and the elderly, are especially at risk for serious illness due to mold spore inhalation.

Mold can be gross and worrisome to have in your home, and the removal process is definitely not a simple one. If you need to have mold cleared out of your home, it's a good idea to talk to an expert like MoldStoppers as soon as possible so you can know what to expect. That way, you won't have to worry about life throwing curveballs at you while you try to get your house back in shape.