My Sub Zero Refrigerator Has Been Running For Much Longer Than Normal. Is It Broken?

Although Sub Zero tall freezer units are designed to run continuously, the majority of Sub Zero refrigerator/freezer units are designed to maintain a constant internal temperature by intermittently turning on and off throughout the day. Over time, you'll get used to hearing the slight hum of the compressor during its operation. Sometimes you may hear the hum of the compressor for longer periods of time than others. This is not necessarily an indication that your Sub Zero is broken. Below are a few reasons that would cause your Sub Zero to run much longer than normal.

Cause #1: Outside Temperature Changes

When it's unusually hot inside your kitchen, your Sub Zero will have to work longer and harder to keep the food cool. This is normal and expected. If you wish to lighten the burden on your Sub Zero, draw the curtains in your kitchen to keep it out of direct sunlight. Run ceiling fans to get air flowing around the unit, and consider inching it away from the wall to keep cool air flowing all around. If cooking food on the stovetop, turn on the vent above the stove to release heat from the kitchen.

Cause #2: Large Additions of Extra Previously Un-Refrigerated Food

If you've just loaded the refrigerator up with fresh baked goods that were still somewhat warm, or if you've just put in a lot of fresh produce and groceries, the internal temperature of your Sub Zero will be affected, and your compressor will need to work harder than before to reach the proper temperature. To avoid this in the future, remember to allow all oven-fresh foods to cool to room temperature before putting them in the refrigerator. 

Cause #3: Dirty Condenser Coils

The condenser coils in your unit will accumulate dust over time. This layer of dirt and grit will act like a blanket or a shield that keeps in warmth and prevents the refrigerator from cooling itself properly. To remove the dust, turn off the refrigerator, then unscrew the grille and gently vacuum the condenser with a soft bristle brush attachment. This should be done at minimum every 6 months

Know When to Call a Repair Person

If your refrigerator continues to run for long periods of time, even after the condenser has been cleaned and the kitchen has cooled to its normal temperature, then it may be time to call aSub Zero repair person. To avoid a breakdown and keep your unit running for many years to come, contact a certified technician in your area today.