Understanding The Basics Of Cleaning Up Water From A Swim Pool Leak

If you have a swim pool outside your home, whether it's above or in the ground, it is possible that it could leak and flood your home. For instance, a small leak in the pool can suddenly burst and overflow if there is a broken water fill valve. The water could possibly pour into your home's basement or first floor level.

If this happens, it is essential to clean up the water efficiently and allow the structure to dry to prevent an unforeseen amount of damage, including possible mold and bacteria related growth:


The minute you realize that there's a leak or flood it is important that you make sure that the electricity is turned off from your home's circuit breaker box. Do not enter areas that have standing water until the power is shut off to prevent possible shock or electrocution due to possible wet wires located in the water that you can't see.

Water Valve

It's possible to limit the amount of water that overflows into your home by turning off the valve. The shutoff valve for the pool is typically located in the garage or around the exterior of the home. This will stop water from continuing to leak  outside and flow directly into your home.

Water Extraction

Have any excess standing water extracted from the home as soon as possible. This is necessary not only to avoid flood related damage and mold, but also to rid the area of possible bad sewage water. The sewage water can be made up of things like pesticides, animal droppings and other outside growth related bacteria. The extraction should be completed using a flood pumper and other water extractors if necessary, such as truck mounts. Once the majority of the water is removed the home's outside and interior will be able to dry quickly.

Dry Out Area

You will need to have the moisture pulled out the wet areas within your home. In order to have this done properly, you will need to use equipment such as injection driers, air movers, dehumidifiers and heat dryers depending on how moist or wet your home is due to the flooding of the pool.

If you are unsure how to go about drying out your home after a leak in your swimming pool, consider consulting with a contractor that specializes in water removal. As stated above, the sooner you dry out your home the better you will help preserve the structure and prevent any major damage. To learn more, contact a company like Southwest Restoration Inc.