Turn Your Washer And Dryer Into Works Of Art

Have your washer and dryer seen better days? Are they still in great working condition but quite unsightly because of nicks and scratches to their exteriors? There's no need to invest in a new washer and dryer just because you do not like the look of yours. Use the following guide to learn how to update the look of your washer and dryer quickly and easily.

Prepare Your Washer and Dryer

For safety reasons, you need to be sure that you disconnect your washer and dryer from any power source. Pull them into an open area away from each other so that you can get to the sides, front, and top of the appliances with ease.

Sand Down the Paint

The first thing you need to do is create a smooth surface to paint. Use 80-grit sandpaper to sand down any imperfections you see on the surface of the washer and dryer. Be sure to use small circular motions when sanding down the surface to ensure that you do not catch any of the paint with the sandpaper. This will lead you to end up peeling more of it away from the appliance, making it even more difficult to create a smooth surface.

Prime the Appliances

Next, use a paintbrush to paint the surface of the washer and dryer with a primer. You want to use a primer on the appliances so that the paint adheres to the surface properly and so that you can have a blank canvas on which to paint. Allow the primer to dry for a few hours before continuing.

Paint the Appliances

Use a brightly colored acrylic paint to paint the appliances. You want to be sure that you apply the paint evenly so that it has a professional look when you are finished. Allow the paint to dry for a few hours in between coats to ensure that you do not create a streaky look on the surface. You may only need one coat of paint to achieve the color you want.

Customize the Appliances

At this point you can be done with the painting process, or you can choose to customize your appliances even more by stenciling them. Once the paint has dried, tape the stencil to the front of the washer and then use a different colored paint inside of the stencil. Allow the paint to sit for thirty minutes and then pull the stencil from the washer. Repeat the process on the dryer to create a finished look.

Once all of the paint has finished drying, you can return the appliances to their original location and start using them. The updated look will last for quite a while and turn your boring appliances into works of art quickly and easily. For more advice, speak with experts like House Calls Appliance Repair.